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I think. (^_-)~* Chen, Baekhyun, LuHan, and D.O. can all blow.

No lie. I listened to What is Love for the F I R S T time a few days ago. Both versions. I forgot it even existed tbh. I refused to watch it back in January, after reading comments that the video was basically a mash-up of all of the teasers. I thought “what kind of cheap shit,” and then forgot all about it. Also, I suppose I wasn’t in the mood for a ballad. I don’t think I ever made it through “Angel”.

I’m glad I finally heard it, though. I was kind of casually listening, not really watching, until around the middle, where D.O. and Baekhyun started goin’ in. I was like “damn.” When I looked back during the parts that moved me the most, it was Baekhyun synching to it, so Imma say his was the voice that… I loved the most.

I listened to -M’s version as well, and I liked LuHan at one point, where he hit something just right. He’s a close second.

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